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Creating a Clean, Welcoming Lobby for Your Clients

We all know that dust, dirt and debris can have a negative affect on your facilities, employees and equipment. We also know that a clean work environment improves employee safety, health and efficiency, but too often, we forget that having a clean workplace also creates a positive, long-lasting impression on customers. This is particularly important if your facility has a lobby or waiting room. The appearance of these spaces create powerful first impressions. Follow these tips to make sure those impressions are great.

Blue chairs in ordinary empty waiting room

Focus on High Traffic Areas

These spaces experience more foot traffic during the day than other areas in your facility. Your lobby is likely one of the highest-traffic areas in your building, which means the carpets and floors gather even more dirt and debris and wear even more quickly than other areas. Make cleaning these areas frequently a priority.

Invest in Floor Matting

High-quality floor mats are one of the best lines of defense in your lobby. These mats trap debris, moisture and dirt tracked in from the outdoors and prevent them from being carried around the carpets in your office. Invest in them to keep your carpets clean and your floors safe.

Do a Smell Check

Odors are some of the most memorable characteristics when visitors walk into your office. If it smells bad, they will certainly notice. Dander, chemicals and dust from everyday activities can generate bad odors when trapped in unclean ventilation systems or carpets, leading to a stale, musty aroma. To prevent this issue, clean your HVAC vents regularly.

Dust, Dust, Dust!

Layers of dust on the furniture and fixtures in your lobby send a message that you don’t care about the appearance of your business, and that creates an impression that you don’t care about your customers. Keep the space dust-free to create a warm, welcoming and professional appearance.

Wash Your Windows

Unclean windows display dust, marks and smudges instead of beautiful views of the outdoors. Wash your windows regularly to let in natural sunlight and help your lobby look its best.

Using the right cleaning supplies in Detroit is vital to create a positive impression on your guests. The team here at Hercules and Hercules is happy to recommend the best products for your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more.