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Your Hand Dryer Questions, Answered

Hand dryers were once considered too noisy, ineffective and costly to use in restrooms, but they’ve come a long way since their introduction decades ago. Today’s models are far more environmentally-friendly, sleek and quiet, but some facility managers still struggle to accept them. Many have questions about their sustainability, drying speed, hygiene and overall benefits. We tackle some of these questions in this blog post. If you have a question about hand dryers that isn’t covered here, please contact us and we’ll cover it in a future post!

Q: Are there certain facilities that benefit most from hand dryers?

A: While hand dryers can be used in any facility, they are an ideal solution for public washrooms with high traffic. Educational facilities and shopping malls benefit greatly from hand dryers because paper towels need frequent restocking, and there’s always potential for blockages and overflowing trash cans. In these spaces, hand dryers improve traffic flow and lower costs.

Q: Are hand dryers really “green?”

A: When compared to other hand drying methods, hand dryers produce significantly less carbon dioxide per yes, and they don’t produce any waste. Unlike paper towels, they don’t need storage transportation and removal. All hand dryers save trees, and high-efficiency dryers also save energy.

Q: Are warm air dryers better than cold air dryers?

A: There aren’t really any advantages to warm air dryers, and warm dryers actually tend to be slower, use more electric and are less hygienic. Modern no-heat technology has created dryers that can dry hands in seconds without using heat, making them the most eco-friendly dryers available today.