Many markets served. Many solutions provided.

From the first day we opened in ’64 through this very second, our business has been open to provide solutions to any cleaning and sanitation question.  Maybe that’s how we’ve grown into one of the Great Lakes leading suppliers of janitorial products and floor cleaning equipment in Detroit.

Over the years, we’ve proudly served numerous industries in many markets. Through our vast expertise, we developed solutions to fill unique needs and problems for nearly every type of facility and business.  Though we serve every type of industry, here’s a quick capsule for some of them:


public school, interior wide gymThe Detroit Public School system is one of our many long-time customers. After all, many of us attended these schools and have our own children there. With 142 buildings and 90,000 students, keeping the schools clean, safe and environmentally healthy is a massive undertaking, one which we, of course, take very seriously. The health and safety of the students, teachers and all staff is always of paramount importance.  From the thousands of restrooms, locker rooms and even just the student’s desks, cleanliness goes hand in hand with healthiness.



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Male patient with doctor and nurse at reception desk in hospitalWe are proud to serve many hospitals in Detroit and the surrounding area. Among them, we have been a proud supplier and partner of Detroit Medical Center since 2005.  Our Detroit cleaning supplies and equipment play a critical role in keeping a hospital clean and helping to prevent the spread of infection. Hospitals require a myriad of products to meet the diverse needs of the facilities, all the while maintaining high standards of performance.


Large modern storehouse with some goodsDetroit has been – and will continue to be – a leading industrial city. Our 40 years of responding to industrial sanitation issues is unparalleled. As such we are the choice for solutions, maintenance and janitorial supplies for the region’s leading industrial companies, such as Daimler-Chrysler, Hauling, Inc. and many others. Building Commercial and Industrial Cleaning and Sanitation maintenance and cleanliness are keys to the overall smooth flow of business. Neat and clean industrial establishments not only can bring in new business, but also uplift the morale of the employees.


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Every single day, thousands of people – young, old, working, unemployed and others – flow in and out of our region’s public buildings. And when they do, they leave a daunting challenge for any facility manager responsible for keeping the buildings clean for the next person. That’s where we come in. Municipal Cleaning and Sanitation. Through our work with municipal partners such as the City of Detroit, we understand the importance of implementing the right cleaning processes, training and janitorial supplies in Detroit to ensure every building welcomes the public with a clean and sanitized environment.