Using Cleaning Supplies Safely: Top Three Tips

Choosing the right cleaning products for your facility is one of the keys to creating a healthy, safe space for your visitors and clients, but training your staff on using these products safely is also essential. Keep your workforce safe by following these three simple tips: Never Mix Cleaning Solutions... Read More

A Restroom Cleaning Checklist from Our Experts

The condition of your restrooms says a lot about your overall facility and business to customers. Keeping your restroom clean and fresh sends a strong message that you care about the appearance of your facility and the health and safety of those who visit and work there. Using this handy... Read More

Cleaning Supplies & Tips for Preventing Norovirus

Tis the season for norovirus, the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis outbreaks in the US. Each year, the virus causes nearly 2 million hospital visits, and it is most prevalent during the winter season. To prevent norovirus from spreading in your facility, focus on cleaning these areas: 1. Door... Read More

Top Ten Tips for Winter Carpet Care

It is important to have a maintenance program for your carpets year-round, but winter weather can take an extra beating on them. Having a solid plan for daily and deep cleaning will keep your carpets looking their best throughout the season. Follow these tips to deal with the extra rain,... Read More

Preventing Slips and Falls with Proper Signage

Caution: Wet Floor!! These signs, when placed on slippery floors, should alert passerby of potential danger, but they are too often ignored. This is usually the fault of custodial teams who leave signs standing long after a cleaned area has dried. The result is a desensitization to their message, and... Read More

Using Cleaning Chemicals Safely

Misusing cleaning chemicals can result in serious injuries and accidents, and it can also lead to extra expenses due to product waste. Follow these guidelines to teach your janitorial staff the safest ways to use cleaning chemicals. 1. Before using products, staff should read and re-read labels to fully comprehend... Read More

Common Floor Matting Questions, Answered

Proper floor matting is essential for any facility. The right kind of floor matting can safeguard your facility’s floors from debris, dirt, grime and salt, and other types of matting can protect your employees from fatigue and slip-and-fall accidents. In this blog post, we address two of the most common... Read More

How Can Cleaning Supplies Affect Attendance in Schools?

Cleaning clearly makes schools look better, but it also safeguards the health of teachers, administrators and students. Infection control is essential in educational facilities where germs, bacteria and diseases can spread quickly between young people with vulnerable immune systems. Sharing classrooms and facilities like cafeterias, restrooms and locker rooms elevates... Read More

Foodservice Cleaning Supplies for Sanitation

When a customer walks into your foodservice establishment, he or she quickly notices the cleanliness of the facility. If it’s not satisfactory, that customer will walk out the door and straight to your competition. While noticeable messes can turn customers away, you also need to focus on what’s lurking below... Read More

Encouraging Handwashing in Detroit Schools

We are proud to partner with the Detroit Public School system, and we take the task of keeping them clean, safe and environmentally-healthy very seriously. Each year, we help ensure that the thousands of locker rooms, classrooms, restrooms and other spaces are kept healthy and clean in all 142 buildings,... Read More

Prep for Winter Now by Stocking Up on Ice Melt

Weather forecasters warn that another intense winter is coming to Michigan (and much of the rest of the country) this year. Fortunately, most of us in Detroit are pros at getting through the cold, snowy months. We know how important it is to stock up on fleece jackets, thick gloves,... Read More

Healthcare Facilities and Disinfecting Wipes: FAQs

Disinfecting wipes are a favorite of many of our customers thanks to their convenient cleaning action, but we are often asked how to use these products most effectively in healthcare settings. In today’s blog post, we will answer the most frequently asked questions we receive on this topic. Q: In... Read More

Carpet Cleaning for Pest Control in Durham, NC

Infestations of common pests can cause serious problems for your facility. Termites nibble away at structural elements, fleas transmit harmful bacterial organisms, ants burrow through decayed wood to build nests, and dust mites cause more allergic reactions than everything except for pollen. These are just some of the many pests... Read More

Spotlight on Clorox Cleaning Supplies in Cleveland, Ohio

Clorox has been a household name for decades. The brand has been synonymous with cleanliness since its inception over a century ago, and Hercules & Hercules is proud to supply Clorox products that help make education, healthcare and other facilities cleaner, safer and healthier. Read on to learn more about... Read More