Tackling Restroom Odors at the Source

Restrooms reflect the type of facility you manage, and keeping your them as clean as possible shows your guests that you value their business. Dirty restrooms can quickly send customers packing, and nothing says “dirty” like an unpleasant aroma wafting through the air. Even if the rest of the restroom... Read More

Green Chemicals, Cleaning Supplies in Great Lakes, Detroit, Michigan

Biobased vs. Green Cleaning Supplies: What's the Difference? Traditionally, indoor environments have been cleaned using petroleum- and butyl-based solvents and chemicals; however, the federal government has mandated green cleaning programs in certain facilities to prevent harm to building occupants and cleaning personnel. These facilities must now be cleaned using biobased... Read More

Cleaning Supplies, Green Cleaning Products – Detroit

Cleaning the Eco-Friendly Way with Green Cleaning Products in Detroit Cleaning supplies are supposed to make our living and working spaces healthier, but conventional chemical-based products may actually be doing more harm than good. They may rid surfaces of germs and dirt, but they also can cause harmful side effects... Read More

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Understanding Bio-enzymatic Cleaners With the call for greener cleaning products, cleaning professionals and facility managers are beginning to pair these products with bio-enzymatic cleaners. Many bio-enzymatic cleaners are becoming green certified as well. Bio-enzymatic cleaners work in a particular way. They contain specific quantities and qualities of bacteria along with... Read More