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The Right Cleaning Supplies for Schools During Flu Season

HerculesAndHerculesHandSanitizerIn recent years, schools across the country have seen increasing numbers of absences due to the flu virus. To protect your educational facility from flu and other viruses this winter, follow these tips and rely on the best cleaning supplies in Detroit, available right here at Hercules & Hercules.

– Teach your janitorial the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Cleaning removes impurities and germs from objects, but it doesn’t kill them. Sanitizing reduces the amount of germs to a safe level and can lower the risk of infection, but disinfecting is the only option that actually kills germs on objects and surfaces.

– High-touch objects and surfaces should be disinfected at least once each day. In schools, these objects include doorknobs, countertops, desks, toys, phones, computer keyboards, faucets and many objects in common areas like the cafeteria and restrooms.

– Use high quality disinfecting wipes to make cleaning these surfaces fast and convenient.

– Provide antibacterial hand sanitizers to students, faculty and staff. Hand sanitizer stations may be set up in common areas. It is also important to encourage good hand hygiene and frequent hand washing to prevent the spread of germs.

We provide all the cleaning supplies in Detroit you need to follow these tips and keep your school healthy this flu season. To learn more, contact the team at Hercules & Hercules today!