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Tips for Air Dryer Placement in Restrooms

ImpactHandDryerAir dryers help keep your employees and visitors healthy, and they contribute to cleaner restrooms. You already know they are necessary in restrooms, but how many do you actually need? And where should they be placed? Keep these tips in mind as you install hand dryers in your restrooms:

  • We recommend installing one hand dryer for every two sinks in your restrooms. Think carefully about the restroom’s layout, and select a position that makes sense with the flow of traffic.
  • The closer you install the hand dryer to the sink, the less water will be dripped onto the floors as users move from washing their hands to drying.
  • To keep your restrooms quiet, place your hand dryers a minimum of one yard away from cabinets or corner walls that create echoes.
  • Consult the manufacturer of your hand dryers. They may recommend a certain amount of space between models.
  • Additional hand dryers may be necessary in higher-traffic restrooms to avoid bottlenecks from forming between wash basins and dryers.

Our online catalog includes a large selection of Impact Hand Dryers to suit every facility’s needs. For a green and efficient option, check out the Impact eXtremeAir Hand Dryers, which operate three times faster than conventional dryers while using 80% less energy. We also carry maintenance-free touches hand dryers, vandal-resistant models and hand dryers with 360-degree revolving nozzles. To learn more about these and other restroom products in Detroit, contact us today!