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Top Ten Tips for Winter Carpet Care

It is important to have a maintenance program for your carpets year-round, but winter weather can take an extra beating on them. Having a solid plan for daily and deep cleaning will keep your carpets looking their best throughout the season. Follow these tips to deal with the extra rain, dirt, snow and debris that may affect your carpets this winter.

1. Clean exteriors = clean interiors. Keeping the exterior of your facility clean is the first defense against debris and dirt. Sweep your walkways regularly and clean parking lots to prevent debris from being tracked in as visitors, clients and employees enter your building.

2. Invest in floor matting. Placing floor matting systems at every point of entry to your building absorbs moisture and prevents soil from getting on your carpets.

3. Vacuum frequently. Vacuuming high-traffic areas, hallways and entries often removes dry soil and will reduce the need for deep cleaning later.

4. Invest in a good vacuum. Look for a vacuum with a HEPA air-filtration system that will remove dust and debris while keeping your indoor air clean as well.

5. Make a plan for spot removal. Depending on your needs, you may have to perform spot removal each week or month throughout the season. Make sure your plan addresses taking care of built-up salt and ice melt in carpets.

6. Care for the lower floors first. If you make vacuuming and cleaning the lower floors of your building a top priority, less soil will travel throughout your facility.

7. Carpet elevators and stairs. Dirt collects easily on stairs and elevators. Install carpet to trap it and vacuum often to prevent it from spreading throughout your building.

8. Use hot water extraction to deep clean. Heat will help revitalize your carpets and deep clean them two to three times each year.

9. Use pre-spray on soiled areas. Next, agitate the spotted area with a rake or carpet groomer, then let the spray sit for up to ten minutes to emulsify the soiled area.

10. Educate your cleaning staff. Your janitorial team should understand these tips and frequently assess the cleanliness of your carpets to keep them looking their best until spring.